Energy Internet and eVehicles Overview

Governments around the world are wrestling with the challenge of how to prepare society for inevitable climate change. To date most people have been focused on how to reduce Green House Gas emissions, but now there is growing recognition that regardless of what we do to mitigate against climate change the planet is going to be significantly warmer in the coming years with all the attendant problems of more frequent droughts, flooding, sever storms, etc. As such we need to invest in solutions that provide a more robust and resilient infrastructure to withstand this environmental onslaught especially for our electrical and telecommunications systems and at the same time reduce our carbon footprint.

Linking renewable energy with high speed Internet using fiber to the home combined with autonomous eVehicles and dynamic charging where vehicle's batteries are charged as it travels along the road, may provide for a whole new "energy Internet" infrastructure for linking small distributed renewable energy sources to users that is far more robust and resilient to survive climate change than today's centralized command and control infrastructure. These new energy architectures will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. For more details please see:

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

$50 million initiative for Next Generation Internet to Reduce Global Warming

[I am very pleased to have contributed my small part to this initiative. As I have long argued there are significant innovation and economic opportunities to use ICT to address the challenge of global warming. Countries and business that are first movers in this field will be the big winners. As such I am pleased to see the participation of some of Canada's largest ICT companies. Some excerpts from the original article from TechMedia -- BSA]

Prompt Inc

Telecom giants support federal bid to study zero-carbon Internet

Ericsson, Nortel Networks and Bell Canada Enterprises are among the companies supporting an industry-led plan to promote development of a carbon-neutral Internet. Led by the Quebec-based organization PROMPT Inc., the “Next Generation Internet to Reduce Global Warming” research project has already lined up $8 million in industry contributions and $6 million from the Quebec government. It is now looking to the federal government for an additional $7.5 million to make the initiative national.

“This will be a $15 million program to start … with long-term plans to grow to $50 million,” says Charles Despins, president and CEO of PROMPT (Partenariats de Recherche Orientée en Microélectronique, Photonique et Télécommunications). “It will involve both hardware and software, with wireless playing a huge part. There will be a lot of optical work and a number of new applications.”